Mikvah Hours for the Week of September 17th:

You MUST make an ONLINE appointment to use the Mikvah on Friday Night and Yom Tov.

7:15- 9:15 for a bath

7:15- 9:45 for a shower

ZMAN- after 7:45

On Saturday night, September 23rd, the Mikvah will open at 8:05 PM, remaining open until 10:00 for a bath and 

10:30 for a shower. 

There will be a late fee of $25 if you arrive after the latest time for a bath or a shower.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ONLINE APPOINTMENTS!  Click here to schedule your appointment.

If you require special arrangements, please call Miriam Feman at the Mikvah, 201-837-8223, ext. 103.

The Keylim Mikvah is open daily from 7AM to 5 PM. 

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