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Coronavirus Update

With medical and rabbinic guidance and with the increased protocols in place, we are B”H able to continue to service women from the Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford community, and we look forward to welcoming our regular patrons.

Nightly Mikvah Usage:

Mikvah usage is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are NOT accepting walk ins at this time.

Please click here to book your appointment. The online booking system closes daily 1.5 hours before that evening's appointments. 

For assistance, special arrangements or general questions, please email

To purchase bedikah cloths, please click here.

Please note the following women may NOT use the Mikvah:

1) Anyone exhibiting any flu like symptoms WITHIN THE PAST WEEK including fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle pain, chills, and/or diarrhea/nausea, 


2) Anyone who has lost their sense of taste/smell (i.e., not had it) at any point in the last three days,


3) Anyone exhibiting a new rash, until receiving medical clearance,


4) Anyone testing positive for COVID-19, until receiving medical clearance that it is safe for her to leave home,

5) Anyone under mandatory quarantine due to being in direct proximity (within six feet for ten minutes) to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (i.e. within 14 days of contact with known COVID-19+), and certainly, anyone living with a family member who is COVID-19+.

6) If you have you traveled within the last 14 days (i) by airplane or (ii) traveled to (or come from) one of the locations that are now included on the 14 day quarantine travel advisory issued by the State of New Jersey.  The current list of locations can be found at NJ.GOV  

Please note that you cannot "test out" of any of these required or recommended quarantines for purposes of using the Teaneck Mikvah. 



We would like to take this opportunity to remind the community of the following protocols, which are based upon the recommendation and guidance of medical professionals and the Teaneck/Bergenfield Rabbonim of the RCBC:

A required pre-screening of every patron has been incorporated into the appointment system.

Please completely prepare at home for tevilah, including showering at home;

preparation checklist click here.

Mask/mouth-nose covering is required.

Patrons may not shower in Mikvah premises before or following tevilah.


Keylim Mikvah Usage

We are pleased to announce that with the guidance of medical professionals and the RCBC, the Teaneck Keylim Mikvah is open for self service, by APPOINTMENT ONLY, for the hours of 8:00-2:00 Monday through Thursday and 8:00-5:00 on Friday. 

A new system will be in place as follows: 

1.     In order to comply with the requirements of social distancing, we have hired a staff person to tovel your keylim for you while you wait.  He will be the only person allowed in the keylim mikvah during the designated hours.

2.     Usage is by appointment only. To make an appointment please click here.

3.     Appointments will be in 10 minute slots.  Should you have too many items for 10 minutes, please make multiple appointments on separate days or email the mikvah at  Special arrangements can be made for newly married or engaged couples.

4.     You must wear a mask and gloves when bringing your items to the mikvah.

5.     Please examine the items and do all pre tevilah preparation (unwrapping, removing labels, etc.,.) at home.  The mikvah staff will not unwrap or remove labels.

6.     Please be respectful of other patrons and wait in your car until it is your time slot. 

7.     Once it is your time slot, you will exit your car with your keylim and place them on the table outside of the mikvah.  The staff member will return the items to this same table after they are tovelled.

8.     Please be considerate of others and do not tovel things during this phase that are not for immediate use (ie., things that are needed only for next Pesach) as we would like to keep the time slots for items that can be used now.

9.     The Mikvah will not be responsible for valuable, delicate or breakable items.   If an item breaks, we sincerely apologize but we will not cover any costs.  Please use your best judgement in determining whether you wish someone else to tovel your item.

10. Please click here for a list of items that require tevilat keylim.

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