We are NOT accepting walk ins at this time. 
Please click here to book your appointment.  
All preparations must be done at home including showering - see preparation checklist list here.
There will be a $25 late fee if you arrive after closing hours.

For assistance, special arrangements or general questions, please email teaneckmikvah@gmail.com.

To purchase bedikah cloths please click here.

Keylim Mikvah Update:

We are pleased to announce that with the guidance of medical professionals and the RCBC,

the Teaneck Keylim Mikvah is open, for self service by APPOINTMENT ONLY, for the hours of 8:00-2:00 Monday through Friday.

Please click here to see instructions for Keylim Mikvah Usage.  

Please click here for a list of items that require tevillat keylim.

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